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HACO Supplies Thailand Power Plugs and Sockets


In Thailand, four types of power plugs are used, which can be confusing for visitors. These Thailand plug-types are designated letters: A, B, C, and O. The letters refer to both the plugs and the Thailand plug sockets. Type A, type B, and type O are what you will typically find in offices, homes and hotels in Thailand. But if you’re planning on traveling around the country to more rural areas, it might be wise to pick up an adaptor so you’ll be prepared for older type C Thailand plug-types. In Bangkok, power outlets are typically universal sockets that accept all types of Thailand power plugs.

All power socket types in Thailand operate on a 230V power supply at 50Hz. This is what most of the world uses, with the exception of the US and some of the Caribbean and South American countries which use a 110V or 120V power supply.

Type A Plug and Socket

This power plug uses a two-pronged configuration that doesn’t include a grounding pin. The plug consists of two flat parallel pins as the connectors.

Type B Plug and Socket

This type of plug type in Thailand has the same size pins in the same configuration as the type A plug, but it also includes a grounding pin.

Type C Plug and Socket

The C type power socket in Thailand is older. It uses two circular pins as the connectors and doesn’t have a grounding connector. This type of plug is also referred to as a Schuko plug.

Type O Plug and Socket

The type O power plug and socket in Thailand is one of the official standards of plugs. It consists of three round plugs in a triangular configuration. It’s rated at 16 amps and is described as TIS 166-2549.

All of our high-quality type O plug sockets are universal and also accept type A, type B, and type C plugs.

Type A and type C plugs and sockets are typically used for low-power applications like phone chargers. Type B and type O plugs are for more high-voltage use where a grounding connector is needed for safety reasons.

We Have Power Sockets to Suit All Your Needs

At HACO, we produce many types of power plugs in different gang configurations from 1-gang to 3-gang. We even produce a socket for your older Schuko-type plug appliances.

Because there are four official plug-types in Thailand, most of the sockets we offer are universal sockets that accept any of the four plugs manufactured in Thailand. We also offer 2 pin Euro-American sockets, 3 pin Euro-American sockets and Schuko sockets too.

To find electrical equipment that suits your needs, whatever the color or décor of the room, we invite you to browse through our complete range of products. You can order HACO electrical equipment online, or buy from most electrical supply shops across the country. HACO has become a well-respected brand in Thailand known for safety, quality, and durability.