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Quality Switches, Sockets, and Outlets from HACO

If you have an electrical project that requires wall plug sockets, switches, sockets, outlets, or USB sockets, trust us to have just what you’re looking for.

With the growing dependency on the internet in both businesses and homes, contractors and homeowners are increasingly searching for quality USB plugs and sockets for sale. Make life easier by selecting HACO USB sockets next time you visit an electrical equipment shop in Thailand. These electrical shops trust the quality of our products to satisfy their customer’s needs.

If you’re searching for USB sockets for sale in Bangkok then we can help. Our range offers a selection of electrical outlets in Thailand that will serve the needs of every electrical contractor working on a new project in Bangkok.

Products for Hotels, Residences and Contractors

Our engineers and designers at HACO have spent lots of time researching the needs of both hotel guests and homeowners. They’ve concentrated on serving the requirements of both with our seven product ranges that offer quality, style, and durability.

From hotel products like shaver sockets and room cleaning electric notification alerts, to ‘do not disturb’ signals, and international outlets, we provide everything a contractor needs to complete a hotel’s electrical installation.

Contractors will also be interested in our range of electrical accessories and supplies. We produce a complete range of trunking, cable ties, floor sockets, safety breakers, sensors and industrial plugs and sockets that will satisfy the specifications of even the most exacting projects.

For homeowners who want the versatility that a USB connection provides, we offer USB wall sockets for sale that complement your home’s finishes. Enter a USB socket shop in Thailand that carries HACO products, and you’ll find a complete range of wall plugs and sockets that will match any room in your home. If you’re looking for a switch, socket or outlet for sale, we have the largest selection of power sockets in Thailand.


We offer seven modern, and tastefully designed ranges of wall plugs and sockets for your project:

Primo Series

Choose the Primo Series for specialty electrical equipment sockets and switches for any room in your home, apartment or hotel. The Primo Series is compatible with assembly to most of the popular brands in the market. All come in a neutral white shade or chocolate-brown color to complement any design scheme.

Quattro Series

The Quattro Series offers 1-3 gang sockets and switch frames in stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate material. The frames come in different contemporary colors to match any décor.

Alpha Series

“A new beginning has begun” The Alpha Series offers safety as the first priority with durable and affordable switches and sockets, complete every style with simplicity white shade of Alpha series.

M-Plus Series

The M-Plus Series of electrical equipment provides a wide range of surface mounting switches and sockets for residential use. It’s designed for DIY installation and easy to fit as it doesn’t require you to drill into the wall. All come in a thin, neutral white frame set.

M-Plus Choco Series

The M-Plus Choco Series offers many of the same products as the M-Plus series, but in a rich, chocolate-brown color that complements darker color schemes.