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High quality detection device

In a daily modern home, there are variety of additional facilities. The using of detectors in the home to make life easier and safe, such as using Motion sensor light to be an anti-theft device also to turn on and off the lights automatically for making more convenient and save more energy because it prevents forgetting to turn off the lights. Using a smoke detector, Gas detector to keep your life and property save. Therefore, various detecting devices are playing an increasingly important role in life. Haco provides a wide range of detectors to meet a wide range of consumer applications

The Photo switch is used as a device to turn on and off the light automatically according to the light conditions. The Photo switch will only work in low light or night conditions. Haco offers a choice of 4 photo switches based on standard applications and configurable settings. The Photo switch is the one that will save electricity bills and convenient to use turn on and off the lights that need to be turned on and off every night such as street lights, fence lights, garden lights, etc.

Motion sensor Haco provides various types of motion sensor light, detects from infrared rays and microwave signals. When there is movement within the detection area, the sensor will turn the light on, after that when there is no movement in that area, the light will turn off automatically after the delaying time. This Infrared temperature sensor is therefore more comfortable to use in areas such as walkways around the house, corridor in the house without walking to turn on the lights and walking back to turn off the lights again It is a convenience and save on electricity bills. Reduce the problem of leaving the light on and can be applied to families with the elderly when walking to the bathroom at night. Motion sensors will automatically turn the lights on and off for the safety of the elderly in the house as well. There are a variety of motion detectors installation styles. Including ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, corner-pole, lamp-pole to meet appropriate using.

Smoke detectors, it is known that fires in buildings are an accident that can greatly damage to property and life. Smoke detectors are therefore designed for alarm purposes when the system detects a high amount of smoke in the air. Install on the wall, ceilings in office buildings, hotels, industrial factories, residences, condominium. The smoke alarm installed is essential for the safety of your own life and property.

Gas detector with alarm as a device for detecting LPG gas, it should be installed in a room where gas may be leaking such as a kitchen. As the kitchen is frequently used by gas and make flames. Therefore, there is a risk of fire from a gas leak easily.

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