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Wireless switch

From the past to the present, the power switch is commonly wall switch type. Causing users to encounter many problems such as having to waste time walking to press only, you must turn off the lights and go back to bed in the dark, insecurity when hands are wet and press the power switch, moreover when need to add more power switch but having to drill the wall and having difficulty re-wiring.

But now there is a new type of switch innovation is a wireless switch that requires no wiring so the switches no longer have to be installed on the wall. The user can place the switch anywhere in the room. Even before going to bed, you can turn off the lights from the bed. Operation of the wireless switch is activated by the movement of the button called kinetic energy, therefore no need to put batteries, easy maintenance, 100% waterproof because there is no electrical system inside, so it is safe to touch the switch with wet hands. In addition, you can control ON/OFF and set the room atmosphere via mobile application as well. When leaving the house, you don’t have to worry about whether you have turned off all the lights at home or not. Because user can check the on-off status through the application, the wireless light switch is known as a simple Home Automation system that can be installed at specific points without having to change the entire home lighting system. Just buy a wireless switch with a receiver to connect to your light bulb at home.


Why need a HACO wireless switch? is a wireless switch. It is convenient to turn the lights ON and OFF from anywhere and it is also easy to add a new installation point.

  1. No batteries needed, so no need maintenance.
  2. Able to control and check the status of lighting via mobile phone.
  3. Meet the Precast wall construction without having to wiring inside the wall.

5.100% waterproof, safe to use

  1. Set the time to turn ON/OFF and the room’s atmosphere.


Haco wireless switch is the ideal choice for new generation who interested in home decoration and want the electrical equipment what is modern and beautiful.  In addition, every Haco product is made from non-flammable polycarbonate, the wireless switches are available in 3 colors: white, silver and black to match the design of the room. Push buttons provides 1-6 channels and the receiver provides standard type and with wifi to be able to work via mobile application, Google Home, Alexa, suitable for today’s modern lifestyle. In addition, it also meets the international standards. So, you can be confident in the safety of use.

For homeowners or designers who interested in ordering a wireless switch You can see all products from Haco Online that have all kinds of electrical work equipment at and you can contact us for details for more information please call 02-952-7788, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.