Smart Life


HACO SMART LIFE home appliances that will change your life to the next level.
We are committed to product development with innovation that can support new technology continuously especially electrical equipment that can perfectly respond to the modern lifestyle and design also work to be an alternative for the new generation who are interested in home decoration that electrical equipment that is come with modern and beautiful style.

Furthermore, all Haco products are certified according to the standards required by law. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality and safest products.



Why choose to use Smartlife devices?

● Change the old house to become a smart home
● Can control the every devices inside the house through your smartphone anywhere, anytime
● Smart home technology help make your daily life easier and more convenient
● Meet everyone needs no matter what lifestyle it is, it's very suitable.

Smartlife category 
Smart remote
Smart door lock
Wireless switch
Wireless surveillance camera
Electric car charger
 สินค้าแนะนำ MOVE Switch & IoT 
MOVE Switch & IoT  Recommended Products  


Small size, max load 0.5 amp (220v), LED load 1000 watts. On/Off/Dimmable

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฿650 ฿650



Push button type IP67 with 3 colors

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฿1,050 ฿1,050

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Push button type IP67

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฿1,200 ฿1,200



There is Wifi controlled through an application.

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฿1,250 ฿1,250



Smart plug 10A 220V maximum support 2200W Code : HS-SUP10A

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฿495 ฿495



Can be controlled and set up from your smartphone. Code : HS-SMD

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฿880 ฿880



Smart devices that will take your home life to the next level Code : HS-S1/10W

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฿650 ฿650



HACO เครื่องชาร์จรถยนต์ไฟฟ้า EV Charger wall box หัวชาร์จ type 2 7.4 kW รุ่น EVC-7.4K/S , 11 kW รุ่น EVC-11K/S

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฿69,000 ฿69,000

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