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High quality light switches and sockets products with beautiful designs from HACO

       Light switches and sockets are very important in household electrical appliances. There are many types form, such as one-way light switches, two-way light switches, dimmer switches, and 3-pin grounding receptacles. We mainly consider safety. Therefore, products made from polycarbonate plastic or PC, materials that are not flammable. It can withstand heat and impact, making it the best choice. to reduce the risk of fire That is caused by overheating from the electrode or wire.

     We are trusted by a group of engineers, designers, electricians. contractors Including general users for long times because every Haco product has been selected for the best quality by a team of experts to meet international standards



Why should you choose to use light switches and sockets from HACO?
All of Haco's Light switches and sockets have quality that can be trusted in safety
and also stands out for its beautiful and modern design to match every home decoration style
that can meet the needs of customers as much as possible

Product Category
switches and sockets

Deco Series

The design shows the perfect balance between simplicity and luxury. Can be used in every corner of the house under the safest use.

Quattro Series

The design emphasizes beauty and uniqueness. The masks come in a variety of colors and materials including plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. It comes with a different design and quality control according to international standards.

Primo Series

The modern yet simple design of this series of light switches. Modern, luxurious decoration lifestyle that blends in with the walls of the house, including light switches and receptacles, Primo is another option that should not be missed.

M plus Series

It is designed to be easy to install and extend. Because it is a light switch and a floating socket. no need to drill the wall The floating box is only 25 mm thin, suitable for rooms that require DIY retrofitting.

ICON Series

ICON power switches and sockets are characterized by a design that is only 5 mm thin, comes with durability. It's a worthwhile choice. safe quality.

Qx Series

The matt surface creates a solid feel. Stable, don't worry about scratches with some special thus blending harmoniously with the building wall.

Frameless & The Frame

The creation of beauty on the wall that the power switch is suitable for those who are looking for “the Less is More” but come with meaning in a minimalist style.

Alpha Series

Designed to fit into the interior perfectly in every style with simplicity as defined by Alpha, convenient to use and certified by TIS standard. Therefore customer will confident in safety.

Switches and Sockets Recommended Products 


Code W2717LED /W2717LED-ST /W2717LED-MSB /W2717LED-SBL

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฿950 ฿950

(Options available)


It is designed to match simple decor and convenient installation. Comes in 7 colors

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฿21 ฿21

(Options available)


It is designed to match simple decor and convenient installation.

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฿76 ฿76

(Options available)


3 Module ,16A 250V

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฿115 ฿115



Code W2717-ST /W2717-MSB /W2717-SBL

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฿985 ฿985

(Options available)


Video Socket Module (RCA) Code W8211VO

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฿375 ฿375



Size W72 x L120 x C35 mm.

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฿120 ฿120



Code W1813 /W1813-ST /W1813-MSB /W1813-SBL

Sold 0 items

฿38 ฿38

(Options available)

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