HACO : HACO power strip, TIS standard (EXTENSION CORD) 16A 3500W

Every products from Haco are manufactured to perfectly meet the needs of every use. In addition to the beautiful and modern design. Our extension cords are also of high quality and safety. Can support high power very well. Haco has a wide variety of Electrical plug products to choose. That can be categorized with the suitability in 3 formats.

  • Haco non-switched Extension cords comes with a circuit breaker to protect against overload. That helps cut off the electricity automatically when the electricity usage exceeds the rating. Safe to use
  • For our set of individually controlled Extension cords, There are overload protection circuit breakers like other types to ensure safety in use. Every product from Haco is of high quality and meets standards. Haco designs products with safety in mind.
  • In addition, We also have multi-purpose plugs that can be timed to turn on and off. 2-pin multipurpose plug with built-in USB cable socket and universal adapter with fuse control system. For the safety of users


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