Wireless Switch

Wireless switch

         From past to present, light switches are commonly used. It's a wall switch. This causes users to encounter many problems, such as having to waste time walking and pressing only when using it. Before going to bed, you have to turn off the lights and walk in the dark back to bed. Insecurity when hands get wet and press the light switch or if you want to add a light switch point but have to drill a hole in the wall and have difficulty running new wires. But the present day those problems will be gone. With the new innovation type of switch, we namely a wireless switch that does not require wiring. So the switch no longer needs to be mounted on the wall. Users can place the switch anywhere in the room. Even before going to bed, you can turn off the lights from your bed.

How the wireless switch works. It is activated by kinetic energy, namely the movement of pressing a button. Therefore there is no need to put in batteries. Easy maintenance, 100% waterproof because there is no internal electrical system, so it is safe if you touch the switch while your hands are wet. You can also order it to turn on and off through a mobile application. You can set the atmosphere of the room as well. When you leave the house, you don't have to worry about turning off all the lights at home. Because the on-off status can be checked through an application, thus wireless switch can be called a Home Automation system. A simple system that can be installed in specific areas without having to change the entire home's electrical system. Just buy a wireless switch and a receiver to connect to old light bulbs at home.

Why wireless switch?

It's wireless switch. Convenient to turn the lights on and off from anywhere and also easy to add installation points.

1.Do not need to use batteries, so no maintenance is required.

2.Can control from your mobile phone. You can check the status of turning the lights on and off.

3.Answers the need for Precast wall construction without having to run wires inside the wall.

4.100% waterproof, safe to use.

5.Set time to turn on and off and set the room atmosphere.


Haco wireless switches are therefore the alternative for the new generation who are interested in home decoration and want electrical equipment that is modern and beautiful. In addition, every product of Haco is made from Polycarbonate, not fire-retardant. The wireless switch has 3 colors to choose from: white, silver and black to match the design of the room. The push button has 1-6 channels. The receiver has both Standard models and models with wifi so that they can be operated via mobile applications, Google Home and Alexa. Suitable for today's modern lifestyle. In addition, it also meets international standards. Therefore ensuring safety in use.

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