Sticks and doesn't suck. Sticks and doesn't suck.

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) equipment emphasizes safety in use. Protect equipment life and property with quality without worry There are many models and sizes for Complete functionality with accessories that make you more confident in Quality of use

Why use Haco's RCBO electrical shock protection device?

Protects with 3 functions: electric shock, overload, electric shock (electric leakage).

  • Manufactured according to IEC 61009-1, TIS 909-2005  standards.

  • Fast installation within 0.1 second (international standard)

  • Has overcurrent protection from 10-63 amps.

  • It is a rail island system that is easy to install and can be installed and controlled.
    Only a circuit or a group of circuits can be used to protect the entire house from a power outage.


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